JangHwan joins the Wong lab

Welcome! … [Read more]

Summer students

The Wong lab welcomes our undergraduate students this summer: Hang,Leidy, Monica, Maciej, Callen, Kayla. … [Read more]

The Wong lab welcomes fall rotation students

This fall, John, Chris, Janghwan, and James will be doing their rotation projects with us.  Welcome. … [Read more]

NIH Director’s New Innovator Award

The Wong lab has been awarded with the 2013 NIH New Innovator Award. More information can be found in NIH Press Release BU Engineering News … [Read more]

Goodbye Ejaj and Adrien

Ejaj is going back to England to finish medical school and Adrien is traveling to California before starting Ph.D. in ETH with Prof. Fussenegger. Thank you Ejaj and Adrien for your hard work. Good luck in medical and graduate school. … [Read more]

The Wong Lab welcomes rotation students Anna Hawes and Meng Sun.

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Congratulation to Deboki

for winning the XTNC fellowship! … [Read more]

The Wong Lab welcomes summer students Adrien Engel and Ejaj Inistar.

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Congratulation to Ben

for winning the NSF graduate student fellowship! … [Read more]

Dean’s Catalyst

The Wong lab has been awarded the Dean's Catalyst award from BU to engineer mammalian neurons. … [Read more]