Deboki defends her thesis!

Yesterday, Deboki successfully defended her PhD thesis titled “Recombinase-based genetic circuits in human T cells for cellular immunotherapy”. Deboki was the first PhD student to join the lab and has made innumerable contributions to both our group and university during the course of her studies.

Congratulations, Deboki!

Senior Design team wins Outstanding Project

Yash, Nikita, and Kate win Outstanding Senior Design Project in Biomedical Engineering for their project, Understanding Design Principles of CRISPR Based Activation of Gene Transcription in Mammalian Cells – congratulations team!

News coverage for Ben’s Nature Biotechnology paper on BLADE!

Science article on “Scientists turn mammalian cells into complex biocomputers”

WIRED article on “Scientists Hack a Human Cell and Reprogram It Like a Computer” article on “Programming human cells to follow sets of logical instructions”

Futurism article on “New Research Turns Mammalian Cells Into Biocomputers”

BU Engineering News article on “How to Hack a Cell”

The Wong lab is awarded the 2016 NSF CAREER award

New NSF “Expeditions in Computing” center to advance synthetic biology is launched at BU

See the following for more information.

The Wong lab welcomes fall rotation students

This fall, Ester and Nicole will be doing their rotation projects with us.  Welcome.

JangHwan joins the Wong lab


Summer students

The Wong lab welcomes our undergraduate students this summer:

Hang,Leidy, Monica, Maciej, Callen, Kayla.

The Wong lab welcomes fall rotation students

This fall, John, Chris, Janghwan, and James will be doing their rotation projects with us.  Welcome.

NIH Director’s New Innovator Award

The Wong lab has been awarded with the 2013 NIH New Innovator Award. More information can be found in

NIH Press Release

BU Engineering News

NIH Director's New Innovator