The Wong lab is a DESIGN driven lab where we apply synthetic biology to engineer desired properties in mammalian cells, with application in understanding cellular design principle and to treat diseases.  One area that we interested in is engineering genetic circuits to improve the efficacy and safety of adoptive T cell therapy.

adoptive immunotherapy

Here we are interested in using synthetic biology to design and construct novel signaling, transcription, and metabolic networks in cells for

1. Application in medicine and

2. Understanding design principles in living organisms.

immune cell engineering

Specifically, we are interested in engineering human immune cells for adoptive cancer immunotherapy.  Adoptive immunotherapy is a promising therapy for treatment of various cancers (1).

Our goal at the Wong Lab is to engineer immune cells to enhance their disease fighting capability while minimizing adverse side effect. Also, by building novel networks inside immune cells, we can explore design principles by mapping network architecture to phenotype.